"Education aimed at the heart"

Do you think new times require new ways of learning? What if at the same time our children learn the academic concepts, we could help them develop social-emotional skills that help them to be happier? And... Are you sick of not having the necessary support in the classroom for your child to be truly integrated in it, and feeling that the way of teaching and assessing does not suit his/her special needs?

What if you could do something technologically at an affordable price to achieve?

This program emerge with the need of doing everything possible to technologically support the educational change needed to offer our children, to all of them! A new way of learning, more in line with the times they will have to live.


EMOTIOMETER: platform for monitoring emotional state

A tool made by: Technology for Emotions

In collaboration with: Antonio Esquivias


Emotions are present in our daily lives, and mismanaged, interfere with learning and concentration of our children. The development of emotional competencies es one of the most important need of the XXI century society. These needs can be acquired and strengthened both inside and outside the classroom.

As a teacher: Would you like to monitor the emotional state of your students in places like recess? Can we know how they feel when entering or leaving your class? Would you like to help them in their emotional development and to promote the enhancement of classroom climate?

As a father/mother: Have you sometimes wondered how your child feels at school? Would he has adapted to changing schools, his new colleagues or teacher?

You can help your children or students to develop their emotional competencies that will serve them in their lifes.

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"From Passive to Educational Leisure"

Have you ever felt guilty about the time our children spend watching TV or what they may be seeing? Have you ever worried and got angry with your child because he was playing all the time "connected to machines" and you doubt whether a game will be suitable for him?

This program starts with concerns of parents who believe that, whether we like it or not, our children are and will remain digital natives. A good option may be to introduce ourselves in their own virtual world to help them from there, to make them happier in the real world.

The story of Dracolino: a tale of shame and entrepreneurship

Written by: Begoña Ibarrola

Illustrated by: Marta Guijarro

Dracolino 93x93

Dracolino is a little dragon who dreams about singing. What will his parents say to the townspeople when they find out? What will happen if a dragon does not scare anyone?

And you... Do you dare to dream?

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Who has turned off the moon?: a tale of the fear of the dark

Written by: Susana Lozano

Illustrated by: Carlos León

Tictap 100x100

There is a light that never turns off: The Moon. One night, a small mole named TicTap, who is afraid of the dark, discover that it has disappeared!. Help TicTac to find the moon and overcome his fear.

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quoteTales, ultimately, convey values ​​without being lessons, teach without giving advice, and orient and guide the reader in the great adventure of daily life. As seeds of knowledge, about oneself and the world, sleeping on the books, waiting for someone to wake up.quote-rtl
Begoña Ibarrola
quoteThe best way to reduce the violence levels in the near future, to increase altruism, and prevent health issues goes through early implementation of social and emotional learning. Now more than ever, education must aim at the heart.quote-rtl
Eduardo Punset [Cuaderno Faros]
quoteThroughout life essentials are: increased self esteem, improved ability to manage distressing emotions, increased sensitivity to the emotions of others and better interpersonal skills; but the foundation of all these skills are built in childhood.quote-rtl
Daniel Goleman and Linda Lantieri